Friday, 21 October 2011

Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour by Cirque du Soleil

After Michael Jackson passed away I was so touched by the number of people who told me that they thought of me when it happened.  Even people that I grew up with but had lost contact with over 20 years ago remembered how fanatical I was about Michael Jackson.  The truth is that I had forgotten how much I loved MJ.  It's sad. The music is so timeless that I see young children today who share in the same fervent love for his music as I did over 25 years ago.  

Tonight I attended the Cirque du Soleil show, "The Immortal".  I went in blind - I had no idea what to expect.  I've been disappointed by Cirque shows in the past, where I felt that they were too bourgeoisie for my taste.   More recently though, I saw the Cirque show “Believe” in Las Vegas which was thoroughly entertaining. 

The one thing that I did hear about this tribute to MJ prior to seeing the performance was a tweet stating that if you are in any way a fan of MJ, this show is a must-see.  I absolutely concur.

I was very touched by this show.  It went beyond being an absolute fitting tribute to the beauty of MJ’s soul.  I imagined that this would have been a show that MJ himself would have been happy to have been a part of.   I felt that wherever his spirit was that, he was seeing this show and he was proud of it.  They captured his very essence, his message and his music.  

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


After a summer of friends telling me how amazing it is, I finally saw Bridemaids.  Like most movies that have been hyped in that manner, I was sorely disappointed.  The storyline basically focused on a woman’s descent into a total meltdown.  It wasn’t funny at all and it was downright gross at some points, however about ¾ of the way it turned sweet and poignant.   

The highlight of the movie for me was that the actor that played the Illinois State Trooper was Chris Dowd, who also stars in the British sitcom, The IT Crowd, a big, big favourite of mine.