Sunday, 6 November 2011

Horrible Bosses

Once again a movie that I expected would be very funny, failed to make me laugh.  This movie had a promising premise:  Three long time best friends find themselves in terrible work environments and they come to the conclusion that they would be better off if their bosses were to stop breathing and set about to help make this happen. 

The problem is that the premise is flawed.  For one  of the guys, his boss  is truly a horrible person and when he threatened to quit, his boss threatened to ruin his career if he went elsewhere.   For another guy, his cocaine-addicted boss just recently inherited the company from his father after he suddenly dropped dead and his cost cutting threatens to cause an environmental disaster, the world would truly be better off without him around.  The error in logic occurs with the third guy who is trapped in his present job because he is undeservedly on sex offender registry and no one else would hire him.  It just doesn’t make sense him wanting his boss to die because he’d still have the same predicament of not being able to find employment elsewhere. 

Despite the lack of laughs and the imperfect premise, the movie isn’t half-bad and still worth a look if you’ve got some spare time and not very high expectations.