Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Stay in School, Kids!

I recently got a new car and it came with a free trial of GM’s OnStar service.  By touching a button on my rearview mirror I’m connected to a live operator who can run analysis on my car’s systems or give me driving directions, etc. 

My car didn’t come with a built GPS Navigation system, which is fine because my smart phone is one of the best Navigation devices around, but from time to time I’ve made use of OnStar just for the novelty of it.  I mean might as well make use of my free trial, right? 

Well I had this humorous conversation with an OnStar Customer Service Rep (CSR) the other day and I thought it would be worth sharing.  This is paraphrasing, but it’s pretty close to the actual conversation.

OnStar CSR:  Hello, this is L******, how may I help you today?
Me:  Hello L******, my name is Tony and I’d like directions to a restaurant called “Bangkok Gardens” please.
OnStar CSR:  Is that in Vaughan?
Me:  No, it’s in Toronto.
OnStar CSR:  Is that Bangkok, like the country?
Me:  No, that’s Bangkok like the city.
OnStar CSR:  Huh, the what?  Oh…yeah…I have those directions for you…they’re downloading now.
Me: Thanks L******, you have a great day!

And that folks, is why you should pay attention in geography class.

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