Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Earth Day is a Croc!

They say it’s “Earth Day” my social media feeds are blowing up with “Happy Earth Day” messages. I believe “Earth Day” is a croc. We don’t need an Earth Day anymore than the Earth needs people. I believe the emphasis of “Earth Day” is misplaced.  We don’t need to save the Earth. What we need is to preserve the habitability of it for us, the human race. We need a “Human Day”. For the Earth will be around long after we have left it and you know what? The Earth won’t blink. It will simply reclaim all that we’ve done to it.
We need to put aside selfishness and pettiness and fight for humankind. Instead of Jewish people and Arab people fighting for land, why not just be people people working together to ensure that the River Jordan and the Dead Sea continue to thrive and people have water. For if you cut a Jew and cut an Arabian, both will bleed red.
Instead of killing in the name of a God whom you call “Merciful” why not live in the image of your God and be merciful yourself?
For once people put aside their differences with people, then we can work cooperatively to ensure the amount time our children and their children can inhabit this planet. Governments can find budgets to foster positive change rather than building their weapons of destruction and keeping others from building their own.
Let’s not worry about saving the Earth. Let’s worry about saving the people.


  1. Wow Tony very well said. Many issues put nicely in fewer words. I agree with you we need to be more "being human" than "human being". :-) Ritu

    1. Thanks Ritu! I love that, "being human"! That's beautiful.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more. In fact every night I say a prayer that we as humans will stop fighting each other in the name of our God(s) and start working together because we are in trouble and it's the only way we are going to survive. Humanity is the biggest problem we face right now and we are the scariest living beings on this planet because we are malicious, greedy and vengeful and even though we know right from wrong we still act on all those traits.